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  • A show specialized on the presentation of architecture and interior design materials, directed at designers, architects, technical and construction companies.
  • Visitors include decoration shops, individual public people for the decoration of their residential or business premises.
MAY 2012

  • We returned at the amazing space of Techonopolis.
  • We felt the same convenient and familiar like last year,within a totally artistic environment.
  • We invested again on the platinum sponsorship of DESIGN LAB @ technopolis and we feel that we support actively the Greek Design.
  • We refreshed our contact with the already known, but we still met some more new, important interior designers and architects.
  • We met for first time many talented and ambitious Greek Designers that were showing their creations at the OPEN SPACE part of the DESIGN LAB show.
  • We received visits from friends, partners, professionals and public people, who took active part in our celebration.
  • We decided to support again the DESIGN LAB show and we feel happy for this.
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