The company “B. MIKOS & CO OE » is founded by Vasilis Mikos, with a two-storey shop of 250 sq.m. at 5 Kapnikareas Street and Metropolis, in the center of Athens. The store offers a variety of women’s clothing fabrics, all imported, mainly from America.


Soon the curtain and upholstery fabric is beginning to become a new, highly dynamic product for the company and so the store, to meet the increasing demand of the purchasing public, is expanding to another 250 sq.m. on Mitropoleos Street.


The company is building a second, privately owned building of 1,300 sq.m. in Kallithea, to meet the growing needs of additional storage areas.


An important strategic choice determines the future of the company. It is decided to concentrate on the area of ​​curtain and upholstery and to withdraw from the market for women’s fabrics.


The storehouse of Kallithea also acquires a Retail Store, which occupies 3 of its floors, reaching more to the inhabitants of the southern suburbs of Athens. In the summer of the same year, the central store, after 20 years of successful presence, has been completely renovated and renovated.


A new store is being created in the form of Stock-House, where older goods are available at a reduced price. The new store is located on Ayolou Street, within walking distance of the main store.


An important year in the course of the company that now focuses, in addition to Retail, on Wholesale. A nationwide network is being created, thus building the new image of V MIKOS SA, which now acquires the distinctive title MIKOS.


The retail sector is being upgraded at all levels.


Starting year for the company’s new visionary orientations. The concept of reengineering is starting to become a reality: The philosophy is being redefined, the new strategic planning is being created and the new organization chart is finally laying the groundwork for the new dynamic and pioneering Greek business image.


After a year of retail suspension due to the transition from the original store and radical renovation of the new building, MIKO’S communication with the consumer is restored with the brand new showroom at 66 Mitropoleos Street. A new image and new identity characterizes this new startup that comes to offer a whole new level of personalized overall decorative solutions to the consumer, of the highest standards and requirements.


The company invests in moving its store to a historic 1900s neoclassical building across from the Metropolitan Cathedral. The surface of the useful 1000 square meters is considered ideal for hosting the Strategic Goal of the company, which is to provide Total Decorative Proposals as well as sufficient to accommodate its 3 basic functions: specialized decoration design per style, prepared design per color for immediate delivery, suggesting materials to professional designers and architects.