Wallpaper Collection

The MIKOS Wallpaper Collection is up to date with a wide variety of designs and materials, taking into account the latest trends in interior design.

In the renovated MIKOS showroom you will be able to acquire wallpapers and transform your home into the style of decoration that suits you. Great theme, color and texture choices for easy and safe interior design solutions with a reasonable price-quality ratio. Browse through the floors of the showroom and discover the suggestions MIKOS offers on wallpapers.

Living room Wallpapers
Wallpapers in ambiance style, ideal for the most formal room of the house or the fireplace, with textures, materials and colors that add value and prestige.

Bedroom Wallpapers
Wallpapers in colors and designs that express tranquility, comfort and relaxation, ideal for use in the bedroom.

Vintage Wallpapers
Old-style wallpapers, for living room and bedroom decoration, in a contemporary version and in contemporary finishes, colors or designs.

Floral Wallpapers
Wallpapers in large, bold floral, pastel and bold colors but also in small discreet designs, romantic or neoclassical.

By choosing wallpapers from MIKOS through a wide variety of vinyl, non woven, paper, silk you will enjoy high quality, luxury and aesthetics given the very good value for money.

In addition, all wallpapers included in the MIKOS collection are highly durable for home or business use, as they have technical specifications such as slow ignition, photoresist and antimicrobial properties. Ease of application and removal, with a protective layer that prepares the surface for the application of the next wallpaper.

Wallpaper types


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