Decoration of a new space or renovation of an existing one

Sophisticated architectural design for your home renovation.

At MIKOS we offer specialized services for those customers who wish to decorate a new home or renovate an existing one.

The two-dimensional floor plans we create are accurate and detailed, giving you a clear picture of the final result. This procedure helps us ensure that your space renovation or decoration meets your needs and preferences, while also helping you to understand how we can together realize your dream of the ideal home.

Create a moodboard for your home renovation

We prepare one or more moodboards for you. A moodboard is a curated collection of images, materials, color palettes, text and other elements, arranged on a white surface to evoke a certain feeling.

Moodboards are essential for exploring your personal preferences in decor materials, textures and colors, for learning more about your likes and dislikes, and for keeping the big picture of your inspiration in one place without getting lost in details.

Decoration & Renovation Services

Space measurement

Measurement and construction services for home decoration and renovation. We undertake the measurement of surfaces, openings, room spaces and other elements for the safe construction and correct positioning of our products.

Our skilled professionals ensure careful measurement and installation, offering the necessary guarantee that our products will elevate your space safely and accurately.

Fabric sewing

Specialized fabric sewing services for home decoration and renovation.

With more than 30 different seams that can be customized according to the type of fabric and the decorative style of your space, we recommend that you trust our expertise in sewing your fabrics. Choosing us will assure that your fabrics will be processed in a professional manner, taking into account the needs and style of your space. With over 30 stitching options, we ensure excellent quality and your satisfaction


Professional installation of curtain rods, curtains and wallpapers. At MIKOS, we professionally undertake the installation of curtain rods and curtains on their openings, as well as the installation of wallpaper on your walls.

Our experienced craftsmen ensure a flawless and precise installation, creating a space with attention to detail and aesthetics. By choosing us, you ensure the ultimate renewal of your space, offering quality and aesthetics to your every decoration and renovation need.


Specialized furniture maintenance, repair and modification services.

In our company, we are always at your disposal for the maintenance or repair of your furniture fabrics, curtains, wall coverings, carpets and shading systems that you have in your space.

In addition, we can modify your fabrics and furniture to a different decor style to suit your needs.

You can trust our experience and know-how to maintain your furniture and fabrics in top condition and refresh your space with style and quality.