Decoration Services

Decoration style diagnosis

We identify the decoration style that suits to your space and agree with you the decoration style you want to have, through a structured service process to get a safe result.

Custom made decoration proposal

Based on the decoration style you want, we compose for you the overall design of your space, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Color combinations for immediate purchase

We present customized decoration solutions for you, per color group with combining curtains, upholstery fabrics, wall upholstery, carpets, small furniture, items and accessories, available for your purchase.

Space measurement

We undertake the measurement of surfaces, openings, room areas etc. for the safe construction and proper application of our custom made products.

Fabric seam

We highly recommend sewing from our specialized partners, whatever fabric you may need, based on their experience and know-how.


We complete the application of our products, either by placing curtains in their openings, by placing wallpapers on their wall, or by placing furniture in their space.


We are available for you, if you need us, for any repair or restoration of material that may arise.